Sabtu, 05 Februari 2011


I don’t expect you to believe the story Iam about to write. But in order to die peacefully, I must tell my story. My wife and I loved pers. One of my wife’s favourite pers was Pluto,the cat. Pluto was a very clever black cat. One day I came home very drunk. I was in a very bad temper. For some reasons, Pluto made me angry. In arage I seized the cat, took a small knife out of my pocket and cut its throat and took one of its eyes out. Then I hanged the poor creature until it was dead.
            The next morning, I woke up and remembered what I had done and I felt sorry very much. I buried my memory in the drink. One night my house was burning. There was nothing left, but a strange with one eye and a rope around its neck. I was terrified and could not forget such a horrible sight. I regretted and felt sorry for pluto so I bought another cat to take Pluto’s place. This cat had a white patch on its chest. I soon begen to dislike the cat because it often stared at me with a strange and hatred look. It terrified me very much.
            One day, my wife and I went to the cellar. I was getting drunk at that time. The cat followed us. It got it between my feet and nearly made me slip down the stairs. I was carrying an axe in my hand. I was so angry that I raised my axe wanting to kill the poor animal when my wife prevented me from doing so. My rage soon directed the axe at her. She fell dead at my feet. Then, I dug a grave to hide her body inside the cellar wall. I looked for the cat because I decided to kill it too, but I couldn’t  find it anywhere.
            The fourth day after the death of my wife, the police came to my house because of my neighbours’ suspicion. The police searched the house and found nothing. I was so glad that said, “Gentlemen, this is a well-built house. Look at this wall.” I lifted a stick and beat the wall in which I had buried my wife. As soon as I had done that, voice cried out from behind that wall. The sound was like a crying child but was not human. The police were suspicious and they tore the wall down. The body was Pluto, the cat that had caused me to be hanged for murdering my wife.

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